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Emballagefri leverans av PC + tillbh (IKKE skjermer)

Emballagefri leverans av PC + tillbh (IKKE skjermer)

Emballagefri leverans av PC + tillbh (IKKE skjermer)



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Avoid unpacking. Choose sustainable andenvironmentally friendly delivery.

The Greenbox service is specified for the delivery ofdesktops and laptops. The service simplifies acquisition for the recipient, bysaving time and helping with handling the packaging in an environmentallyfriendly matter. Products shipped in customized corrugated cardboard boxes thatare flexible and adaptable to the order to optimize transport and minimize theamount of packing material.


  • Simplify freight acquisition/installation process

  • Ensure reasonable sorting of packaging

  • Reduce environmental impact on delivery


Withvarious packaging-free delivery services, many important benefits are gained inAtea’s customers’ operations. Acquisition is greatly simplified by eliminatingall or part of the time and space-consumed for unpackaging. This also meansthat the actual installation process of the delivered products can be doneefficiently.

Becausethe packaging is handled by Atea or Atea’s partners, the business can also beassured that it is handled in an environmentally correct manner. With Atea’sGreenbox service, there is also the great advantage that the total transportvolume will be smaller compared to a traditional delivery in originalpackaging. Thus, contributes to reducing the environmental  impact oftransport when looking at key figures such as CO2 emissions per delivered unit.



 Options forGreenbox

  • Greenbox -Packaging size varies depending on on the size of the order. Packed onEU pallet in custom made corrugated cartons.

  • Greenbox Mac -Supplied in the same manner as Greenbox but for Macs, Apple original box isincluded in the delivery.



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