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Med Atea sine ”verktøykasse” av tjenester og konsulenter får du en Apple løsning fra oss som kan integreres i din infrastruktur og systemer. Her er et noe av de mest bruke tjenestene.


Atea Finance

Atea has its own financing service that provides flexible solutions for our B2B and education customers, currently Atea has 12 financing specialists across all Atea regions. Atea Finance specializes in IT financing and provides different solutions for investing in new hardware and software. We can “packaged” hardware, software and services into on financing agreement. For customer this is an attractive solution that simplifies administration and can solve budget constraints.

Atea Finance has a special offer to Apple customer, because of the high 2nd hand value of Apple products, we can offer a higher rest value the will decrease the monthly cost compared to equipment from competing brands.


Atea Sky – cloud services

Atea has a wide variety of cloud services – from standardized to custom built cloud services. With Atea Sky customers will find the services and solutions the need for the school and the municipality. The services range from simple to complex. Atea Sky offers services from our partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and VMware, in combination with proprietary services from Atea. We have focused on combining the best of several technological worlds. Atea has data centres in Norway that host cloud services if the customer demand local storage.

We have standardized services like Disaster insurance, backup, collaboration and client administration.

Atea offers workshops to customer to determine the best cloud services for them, free of charges throughout Norway.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

We are currently offering this for macOS with MS Intune and Parralell plug-in. From June 2017 we will offer DaaS for macOS and iOS with Jamf. See “Client” at as an illustration of how this will be presented and how customer can buy the service. macOS and iOS will get their own “listings” on the client page.

Atea Smartphone – Lifecycle As A Service
With our unique swap service customer with broken units will recive replacement units free of charge delivery next business day. Key components in this service:

  • Free onsite swap
  • Free exchange pool
  • Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Inventory and lifecycle management
  • User support and support (Atea SOS and AppleCare)
  • Environmentally friendly recycling

Microsoft Office 360

The Office suite for macOS and iOS with apps for Mac, iPad and iPhone, plus 1 TB personal file storage and sharing.

Det Frie valg (Choose Your Own Device)
This is a portal hosted by Atea as the customers “shop” where employees can choose devices from a selection of devices and accessories. If the total cost of the selection is greater than the employer offers as standard, then the portal calculates the deduction from salary to the employee (on a 24 or 36 mouth period). The portal handles all legal, reporting and practical aspects for the employer. The employee has a “my page” with relevant information.  (skrivers om…)???

Atea SOS

Atea SOS (Service and Support) is Service Desk delivered as a service 24/365. Here B2B customers get a single point of contact to report suspected errors, malfunctions or other IT-related inquiries. Atea SOS restore normal environment for users as quickly as possible and escalates issues, book consultants, arrange pickup etc.



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